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We are an industrial supply company, so we sell tools, shop supplies and PPE.  But, we are so much more than just  $3 million dollars of tools and supplies.
We get to know you.
We solve your problems.
We increase your productivity.
We cut your costs.
Case in point, here is what an actual customer told me:
"Now that the ZENGERS team manages our tool crib, we have everything in stock when we need it and we have better data to manage our weekly spend.”
- Scott Kaitchuck (Schmid Tool & Engineering)
We have tools and supplies in our inventory that you need RIGHT NOW - not tomorrow.  We try really hard to read your mind, but in the case that we don’t anticipate your need, our certified and trained customer service and sales team know the difference between a part number and what is going to get you the results that you need - we excel at specials and hard to find items.
Call us (800-660-8665), visit our showroom, buy on our website, contact someone from our sales team, or email us and we will be happy to take care of your needs.  Your time is limited, go to ZENGERS first.
If you would like to take a partnership with ZENGERS to the next level, please contact me directly by calling (800) 660-8665 x2.